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Sennheiser Ambeo Headphones

Discover what the new Ambeo Headphones are all about, come in store for a demo!

Pro AV Solutions (SA) has secured some extremely hot pricing for the new Ambeo Headset, Pricing so good that we can’t advertise it online and is available in-store only. Normally with an RRP of $499, our in-store only special has savings in the hundreds off RRP on this model for a limited time only.


With the new Ambeo Smart Headset, you can now capture and share the world just as you experience it. The new pair of ear-canal headphones features the Sennheiser signature sound quality including Active Noise Cancelling and Transparent Hearing, to amplify or silence sound around you. The multi-functional in-ear pieces are fitted with high-quality microphones that allow you to capture a stunning 3D sound that you take with your IOS devices (iPhones & iPads).

Impossibly Immersive

Record every sonic detail, from every angle, to transport your audience to the exact moment your video was captured.

Remarkably Smart

Set up your storytelling with intelligent, user-friendly features powered by cutting-edge audio.

Utterly Intuitive

Stay connected to the world and hear what’s going on around you while enjoying premium sound quality. You can choose whether to plug and play or access advanced features with the app.

Binaural Recording

This new set of headphones captures the landscape with high-quality microphones utilising the actual outer structure of your ears to replicate the same 3D sound image that you hear naturally.

Other Features

  • High-quality on-ear microphones for immersive 3D recording
  • 3D recordings you can listen to with any headphones
  • High-quality headphones with signature Sennheiser sound
  • Transparent Hearing allows you to stay aware of your surroundings
  • Active Noise Cancelling blocks out unwanted environmental noise
  • Situational Awareness control allows instant switching between Transparent Hearing, Active Noise Cancelling and Off
  • Features industry-leading Apogee technology, including proprietary Soft Limit and mic preamp, plus precisely tuned A/D and D/A conversion
  • Works with your device’s default camera function
  • Easy music and call management
  • Apple MFI-certified Lightning connector
  • Earbud size options provided for maximum comfort and effective Noise Cancelling

Please contact us to book in a demo or for more information on this.