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Sachtler Flowtech 75 Carbon Fibre Tripod with mid spreader

$3,005.00 $2,559.00

Brand: Sachtler
SKU: ST-4585
  • For use with 75mm ball Tripod heads
  • Two-Stage, Three-Section Standard Legs
  • Carbon Fibre construction
  • Supports up to 20kg
  • Collapsed height 68cm, Maximum height 153cm
  • Dual spiked feet, Removable rubber feet
  • Removable Mid-Level Spreader
  • Independent Leg Movement and Adjustment
  • Magnetic Transport Lock


The Flowtech legs are a lightweight set of tripod legs that can be used with or without the included mid-level spreader and can support up to 20kg, while still being extremely resistant to twisting when you pan. Additionally, each leg features a single locking lever near the top that allows you to open the leg sections to raise or lower the leg.


The tripod features the new Flowtech Carbon Fibre legs which are available in both 75mm and 100mm Bowl options. Easy to operate and conveniently located leg release allows you to adjust both stages with just one clip. It can be used with a without a spreader.


Flowtech 75 MS Carbon Fibre Tripod with Mid-Level Spreader and Rubber Feet

Leg Stages/Sections: 2-stage (3-section)

Height Range:

With Mid-Level Spreader: 63 – 157 cm

Without Mid-Level Spreader: 26 – 153 cm

Collapsed Height: 68 cm

Load Capacity: 20 kg

Head Attachment Fitting: 75 mm bowl

Material Legs: Carbon fibre

Head Attachment Fitting: Aluminium

Leg Lock Type: Lever clamp


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