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Rock N Roller R12RT Multicart 8-in-1 All Terrain Transporter



The Multi-Cart R2RT 8-in-1 Equipment Transporter – R2 Micro vastly decreases time and effort when moving huge amounts of equipment and supplies while and folding down into a small package for storage. The patented design instantly transforms into any of 8 configurations to fit any equipment size or shape, replacing the need for 8 different carts. When folded and compacted into its small storage size, the cart slides unobtrusively under a table, behind a seat, or into a trunk until needed again.

Versatile gear transport cart for professionals
Frame expands from 67cm to 99cm with 63cm / 51cm foldable sides
Excellent for lugging gear weighing up to 159 kg
Non-skid frame bed surface grips slippery plastic containers
Sturdy rugged steel construction
low profile tubeless wheels
Designed for musicians, DJs, photographers, cinematographers, film makers, studio engineers, audio/video techs, and stage crew
Unit Weight is 7.7 kg

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