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Mipro Omni-Directional Headworn 4.5mm Microphone


Brand: Mipro
  • Flexible and durable frame
  • Features soft ear hooks
  • For MIPRO transmitters
  • Fits the left or right side
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Includes MIPRO’s TA4F Mini-XLR Plug


The black MU-55HN Omnidirectional water-resistant headworn microphone is used to capture audio when paired with a wireless transmitter. It is designed for applications such as speech, theater, TV, broadcasting, live performance, fitness industry, and more. It features an omnidirectional waterproof capsule in a visually unobtrusive, flexible, and durable frame with soft ear hooks that require no adjustment for optimum comfort.

MU-55HN capsule module

The MU-55HN capsule module and cable are easily detached from the frame and can be worn on the left or right side of the frame to suit personal preferences. The capsule shaft mount is fully rotatable. It allows for adjustments in length, direction, and angle for precise positioning in relation to the speaker’s mouth. This headset comes standard with MIPRO’s TA4F mini-XLR plug.

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