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Lumens DC125 Flyer USB Document Camera

$625.00 $548.00

Brand: Lumens
SKU: DC125

The Lumens™ DC125 Flyer composes of a DC125 document camera and a DC-W50 wireless base that supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless transmission with a distance of up to 49 feet or 15 meters. It is compatible with iPads, allowing users to present lessons and demonstrations from anywhere in the room.

It’s an innovative presentation tool for teaching, meeting, training, conferencing and other functions. The DC125 Flyer supports high definition, Full HD 1080p, 30fps output resolutions and is suitable for any HD display and interactive whiteboard. With no joints, the highly flexible gooseneck enables a 360° viewing angle and object viewing from just 2 inches or 1.64 centimeters to observe objects with the finest of detail. Press one button to get the perfect image quality every time. The convenience and versatility of the Lumens™ DC125 Flyer wireless document camera is unprecedented.

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