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Eizo 4K Colour Edge Monitors

Eizo 4K colour monitors


The CG318-4K is designed for media and entertainment industries. Maximum monitor resolutions for 2D and 3D CGI (computer-generated imagery), visual effects, compositing, and colour grading. The 31-inch monitor displays content with a native 4K DCI resolution of 4,096 x 2,160 pixels.

The maximum resolution of the monitor is (4096 x 2160 (4K) Pixel), a contrast ratio of 1500:1, and brightness of 350 cd/m2. The LCD module with IPS (Wide Gamut) panel provides 178 viewing angle, meaning that the user will see colours and contrasts as stable.

Film emulation with 3D LUT ColourNavigator and ColourNavigator NX can use 3D LUT files from the colour grading of films to generate data for emulation on the monitor. Available for up to five colour modes of the monitor and is suited to simulating the colouring of films.

The monitor supports an image frequency of 24 fps, meaning you can view and edit your film material as it was taken.

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Equipped with a built-in sensor the ColourEdge CG319X can be set to calibrate the monitor automatically at designated times. This ensures that your screen stays colour-accurate. In addition to that, the monitor features the latest sensor technology, which allows you to continue using it even during recalibration. You work remains uninterrupted as the sensor swings onto the screen, taking up minimal space.

Free download of ColorNavigator 6 is available for you to use and allows you to easily carry out calibration. The built-in sensor directly utilises the monitor’s look-up-table and creates an ICC profile within minutes.

The CG319X supports ColorNavigator NX quality control (QC) software. It offers asset management of client ColourEdge monitors and covers calibration, emulation, built-in sensor correlation, and colour mode settings. With ColourNavigator NX, calibration information is saved to the monitor instead of the PC’s operating system so you do not have to recalibrate if connecting to more than one PC.

With ColourEdge and ColourNavigator software, you can now predict how the colour will appear to your clients.

It displays the DCI 4K standard (4096 x 2160) which is more than four times that of full HD (1920 x 1080). A perfect tool for creating, editing, and referencing with 2D and 3D CGI, VFX, compositing, and colour grading.

The screen offers ample space to focus on 4K content. At a dense 149 ppi, it’s suited for not only video editing but also photo retouching and printing.

Preset modes for DCI-P3, Rec. 709, and Rec. 2020 ensure you can work in the appropriate colour spaces and gamma values. In addition to that, preset modes for PQ (DCI and Rec. 2100) and HLG (Rec. 2100) are available for viewing HDR content. With the built-in calibration sensor, you can conveniently adjust or maintain the brightness setting for each preset.

It is equipped with two DisplayPort and two HDMI inputs. It supports various video formats of up to 10-bit 4:4:4 at 50/60p via DisplayPort and 10-bit 4:2:2 at 50/60p via HDMI.

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