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Digidolly Lightweight Portable Track Dolly System

Brand: Digidolly
  • Lightweight
  • Portable track
  • Stable integration
  • Easy setup


The Digidolly Lightweight, Portable Track, Camera Dolly system allows you to enjoy smooth movement along a light, aluminum track. The Digidolly system has a stable integration with the camera tripod, delivering professional results. There are no tools required to put the Digidolly together. Every component slides together and is held by a single threaded bolt. It features a foam cushioning system that allows the digidolly to be set up anywhere in minutes.


The Digidolly comes with a low-level camera mount (100mm bowl), already attached to the dolly. 75mm optional adaptor bowls can be fitted. The Digidolly has 3 elastic foot straps that connect to your tripod feet.


The track separators, with built-in stoppers, keeps the track in line and square. This takes the guesswork out when arranging the track on the ground. The operator can then place the dolly down on the track with speed. If there is a decline in the position where you have set up your Digidolly, the separators will stop the dolly from going off the track.

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