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Dedolight Power Supply for DLH4, for 24V / 150W


SKU: DT24-1E

Most popular power supply option for the Dedo DLH4 light head, the DT24-1 is the culmination of many years development in power supply for the classic Dedolight head. The DT-24 supplies 24Volts at 150W and is thus the most powerful dimmable mains option.

The DT24-1 provides 24 volts at 150 watts. This results in 80% more light output in comparison to the traditional 12 volt 100 watt option. The standard of quality control in both the Aspherical DLH4 head and quality globe replacements such as Osram’s Halogen display/optic lamps allow “dial in” colour temperature control. The DT24-1E includes a stepped switch for colour temperatures of 3200K or 3400K, as well as the traditional continuously variable slider found on past designs.
The DT24-1 power supply provides 24V at 150 W which results in 80 % more light output in comparision to the 12 V/100 W power supply.

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