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Evocept CopyFlash USB 15 Target

Brand: Evocept

Now you can duplicate your USB sticks as easily as your CDs or DVDs with the evocept CopyFlash USB Duplication towers. Totally PC independent, the CopyFlash towers gives you a high speed copier with zero risk of virus infection. Features a single USB source and 15 target USB slots the towers support most comon file formats and can operate in both synchronous and asynchronous modes. Offering Copy, Compare and Copy + Compare and Erase functions. These machines are super fast and will amaze you.

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Note: If the USB source capacity is less than the on-board memory once buffered, ALL USB slots become asynchronous targets.
If the USB Source is greater than the on-board memory once buffered the target USB slots become simultaneous targets.
256 MB Onboard memory
35 USB Slots capable of 33MB per second transfer rate
Simple 4 button user interface
LCD Display

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