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Evocept CopyDisk SATA 7 Target

Brand: Evocept

The Evocept ECDS07 CopyDisk SATA HDD Duplicator – Unrivalled powerful funcions and cost effectiveness. Flexible selection from 1 to 7 targets.

High data transfer speed – up to 66MB/sec
5GB data just need about 1 minute to copy
Supports “Only Data”, “All partition” and “Whole HDD” copy modes
Supports DoD Erase to wipe out data from HDD efficiently
Supports Linux (Ext2/Ext3), NTFS, FAT quick copy mode copies only Data.
Supports SATA 3.5? HDD’s, SATA 2.5? HDD’s with optional adapters
Easy BIOS update – without complex procedure
High cost effective for backup your data from HDD to HDD

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