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Canon C300 MKII 4K Super 35mm 8.29 Megapixel Digital Video Camcorder Body Only

Brand: Canon
  • Supreme 4K image quality
  • 4K,1920×1080 60/50i, 23.98/25p True 24p
  • Canon XF Codec
  • EF Lens Mount
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • Rotating 4″ LCD Monitor
  • 2x 3D-SDI Output, 2x SLR Inputs
  • 2x CFast Card Slots
  • Timecode I/O, Genlock In & Sync Out
  • Canon Log Gamma


The EOS C300 Mark II can record high 4K files internally to dual CFast 2.0 media, while simultaneously recording 4K RAW files to an external recorder, offering the flexibility and universal appeal for production. Additionally, the ability to record 2K/Full HD Proxy files to an internal SD card, at the same time, further streamlines the production workflow process.

Super 35mm CMOS sensor

The new Canon design features Super 35mm CMOS sensor and an increased ISO range up to ISO 102,400 deliver exceptional low light performance, allowing operators to capture low-noise footage across a variety of challenging environments without compromising on image quality. The EOS C300 Mark II offers both full manual control, ideal for cinematic environments, as well as automatic modes. These include, enhanced Dual Pixel CMOS AF, auto white balance and Face Detection AF, all making it easier for independent news gatherers and documentary filmmakers to shoot on the go.

Instant integration into professional workflows

Canon’s new range of XF-AVC H.264 codecs, designed to be compatible with industry standard Non-Linear Edit systems, makes integrating both 4K and 2K/Full HD footage into workflows effortless while maintaining the highest image quality. The range features XF-AVC intra for 4K, and XF-AVC Long GOP and Proxy options for 2K/Full HD recording, both of which utilise H.264 codec, offering post-production flexibility and ease of use. Filmmakers can select the resolution and codec type that best suits their production, with the EOS C300 Mark II capable of shooting at up to 30P in 4K or up to 120P in 2K/Full HD.

Colours Options

The EOS C300 Mark II offers support for a wide range of colour space options, including BT.2020, the Canon Cinema Gamut and DCI-P3. The camera is also the first Cinema EOS model to feature brand new Canon Log2 technology, which enables the 15-stops of dynamic range, significantly wider than previous Cinema EOS cameras. The camera offers new versatility for sound recording too, supporting 4-channel audio recording in 16 or 24 bit and 48 kHz.


The EOS C300 Mark II boasts the iconic Cinema EOS design DNA – a modular body that can be adapted to suit the needs of each shooter and filming situation, through the extensive range of compatible accessories. Internally, the EOS C300 Mark II also includes built-in electronically controlled glass ND (neutral density) filters, which reduces the amount of light reaching the sensor by up to 10 stops in expansion mode. Compatibility with the RC-V100 remote control and optional Wi-Fi control also enables ease of use in a wider range of locations.


The EOS C300 Mark II is compatible with more than 90 current EF and EF Cinema lenses allowing operators to use their existing EF mount lenses. In addition, the EOS C300 Mark II comes equipped with Canon Cine servo zoom lens support. You can also opt to change the lens mount from the default EF Mount, to EF Mount with Cinema Lock, or to the industry standard PL mount, as a service option.


Product nameDigitalCinema Camera: EOS C300 Mark ll
Image sensing deviceSensorCMOS sensor (single-panel) equivalent to Super 35 mm
Total pixelsApprox. 9.84 megapixels (4206 x234O)
Number of effective pixelsApprox. 8.85 megapixels (4096 x 2160): When 4096 x 2160 or 2048 x 1080 is selected as the resolution 
Approx. 8.29 megapixels (3840 x 2160): When 3840 x 2160 or 1920 x 1080 is selected as the resolution
Lens mountCanon EF mount 
[EF lens group supported (including EF-S lenses), EF cinema lens group supported]
ExposureExposure mode(1) Manual exposure based on shutter setting, iris setting, ISO/gain setting, and ND filter setting 
(2) Push auto iris control, auto iris control (Light metering system selection, shift possible)
Shutter settingSpeed, Angle, Clear Scan, Slow, or Off mode selected 
Either 1/3 or 1/4 steps selected as speed increment
lris setting1/2-stop, 1/3-stop or fine setting selected 
(1) Push auto iris control 
(2) Auto iris control * 
* Available only with some EF lenses (to be disclosed in the official version of the technical document)
ISO1 step, 1/3 step settings 
[*100 – 160 – 25600 -*102400 
*When the sensitivity is expanded
GainNormal [*-6dB – -2dB – 42dB – *54d8] 
Fine: Setting in 0.5d8 step increments possible 
* When the sensitivity is expanded
ND filter5 density settings (2,4,6,8(*), 10(*) stops) [(*) when expansion is selected] 
Motorized drive
Focus controlDAF (Dual Pixel CMOS AF) supported 
Manual focus, one-shot AF, continuous AF, AF-Boosted MF (*), 
face detection AF (Only lenses that support AF functions can be used 
in any of these modes.) 
*See Technical Description.
LCD monitor4″ (10.1 cm diagonal) color wide-screen LCD with 16:9 aspect ratio 
Approx. 1.23 million dots (854 x RGB x 480), 100% field of view coverage
Viewfinder0.46″ (1.18 cm on the diagonal), color organic EL display with a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio 
Approx. 1.17 million dots (1024 x RGB x 576), 100% field of view ratio
White balanceKelvin setting (setting range: 2000K to 15000K), daylight, tungsten, settings (A/B)
System frequency selection

Frame rate
59.94 Hz, 50.00 Hz, 24.00 Hz
59.94 Hz mode 59.94i / 59.94P / 29.97P / 23.98P
50.00 Hz mode 50.00i / 50.00P / 25.00P
24.00 Hz mode 24.00P
Recording mediaCFast cardMovie recording, custom picture settings, metadata 2-slot
SD CardRecording of movies and photos (JPEG), custom pictures, metadata, menus and other data possible
Video format (XF-AVC)Video compression formatsMPEG-4 AVC/H.264
Audio recording systemLinear PCM (16bit/24bit- 48 kHz – 4ch)
File formatMXF
Bit rateIntra 410 / 225 / 210 / 110Mbps,
LongGOP S0Mbps
LongGOP 35 or 24Mbps (for proxy recording on SD cards)
CFast cardIntraframe recording
Resolution : 4096×2160 / 3840×2160 / 2048×1080 / 1920×1080
Signal configuration : YCC422 10bit/(*)RG8444 (12bit/10bit)
(*) Only with 2048×1080 or 1920×1080; 29.97P, 23.98P, 25.00P and 24.00P
LongGOP recording
Resolution : 2048×1080 / 1920×1080
Signal configuration : YCC422 10bit
SD CardMovies: LongGOP recording only (*)
Resolution : 2048×1080 / 1920×1080
Signal configuration: YCC420 8bit
Photo: JPEG
Resolution : 2048×1080 / 1920×1080
(*) Proxy recording using low bit rate
Time codeCount-upDrop frame(*) or non-drop frame
Operation modeRec run, free run, regeneration
(*) Only in the 59.94 Hz mode
Special RecSlow & Fast motion recording (max. 120 fps supported), frame recording, pre-recording, interval recording
OtherRelay recording, double slot recording, 4K RAW output, custom picture settings, color bar, peaking display, zebra display, My Menu settings, waveform monitor display, edge monitor display, customized functions, function assignment buttons (1 to 11), key lock, marker displays, Enlarged display, custom display Browser remote control using WFT unit, peripheral illumination correction, monaural microphone, fan control, magnification chromatic aberration compensation, GPS information recording, etc.
PlaybackPlayback operationsNormal playback, fast forward (at speeds of 5x, 15x, 60x), fast reverse 
(at speeds of 5x, 15x, 60x), frame fonruard, frame reverse, fonrvard skip, 
reverse skip, rec review
Clip display3×4 (clip) index screen
[Original, OK mark, check mark, shot mark, expand, proxy, photo (SD card) index displays available]
Clip information displaysClip metadata display, custom picture data display
EditClip deletion, clip copying
lnputGENLOCK terminal (also serves as SYNC OUT terminal), TIME CODE terminal (inpuUoutput switching), REMOTE terminal, MIC terminal, AUDIO terminal
OutputMON.terminal, REC OUT terminal, HDMI OUT terminal, headphones terminal, SYNC OUT terminal (also serves as GENLOCK terminal), TIME CODE terminal (inpuUoutput switching), VIDEO terminal
Input/output controlExpansion system terminal (WFT/other unit)
Monitor unit 
InputINPUT terminal (XLR) x 2, VIDEO terminal
OutputAUDIO terminal
Power supply14.4V DC (battery pack), 16.7 V DC (DC-IN)
Image processing platformDual Digic DV 5

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