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AJA Ki Pro Rack 10-Bit HDD / SSD Rack Recorder

$3,715.00 $3,380.00

Brand: AJA
SKU: AJA-Ki Pro-Rack
  • 10-Bit Full Raster Recording
  • RS-422 Control
  • Familiar Tape-Deck-Like Controls and Operation
  • Dual Media Drives
  • Ethernet File Transfer
  • Integrated AJA Hardware Conversion
  • Remote Configuration and Control
  • SDI, HDMI, Component Analog, Balanced & Unbalanced Audio Connectors, LTC & LANC


For video facilities transitioning from tape to file-based workflows for recording and playback, Ki Pro Rack offers high-quality, ‘ready-to-edit’ file capture, designed to get material from source to editorial as quickly as possible.

Other Features

With a wealth of professional connections, Ki Pro Rack will fit right into your existing cabling and routing system and record 10-bit Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD files direct to removable hard disk or SSD Storage Modules, eliminating the need for time-consuming logging and capturing. The files can be used in most editing systems without the need for additional transcoding or importing processes.


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