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AirAV ANT50016 16dBi Gain Dual Antenna for Wireless HDMI/SDI Fly-Pak


Brand: AirAV
SKU: ANT50016Dual
  • 2x 16dBi Dual Antenna
  • 40 degree
  • Increase point to point transmissions
  • Twin female N-Type connectors

Enhance wireless transmissions

The AirAV ANT50016 Dual Antenna to suit Wireless HDMI/SDI Fly-pak is a twin array panel showcasing 16dB gain 40 degree antennae with twin female N-Type connectors.

This mounts in a single antenna panel to guarantee better signals over longer distances.

Assembled and configured with ideal polarisation offsets to maximise signal response for the AirAV “Five-Zero” zero delay HD link systems via Two antenna array.

The ANT50016 dual is also ideal for use in any high-definition wireless link system that utilises twin offset antennas where higher transmit gain is necessary.

AirAv Compatibility

AirAv 1200AU and MARS600AU are commonly combined with this antenna for optimisation of transmissions.

Also works well in establishing Point To Point Link Systems over extended range – Up to 2+km

This is depending on actual Link model and prevailing conditions.

Note that a low-loss connection harness is mandatory when working at 5.8GHz

This is also suitable for use with the Teradek Bolt systems.

Not suitable for Boxx Link Equipment.

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