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Jinbei HD610PRO TTL Battery Flash 600ws with HSS and Fast flash duration.

  • 0.05 to 0.9 Seconds Recycle Time
  • Built in TTL supporting wireless sync control; High speed with E/I TTL
  • Exposure compensation
  • Manual Flash 1/256 to 1/1 Output (1/10th Increments, 9 Stop Range)
  • Normal Flash: 1/1000s - 1/8500s
Jinbei Heavy Duty Backdrop Stand Kit 3 X 3-2m

Jinbei Heavy Duty Backdrop Stand Kit 3m X 3.2m

  • More robust, higher, broader and more appropriate for use with heavier background materials
  • Smooth joins make it simple to slide a paper roll or muslin onto the upper pole
  • Strong spring clamps make for simple height fine-tuning
  • When the background stand is not required, the uprights can be utilised for other gear
  • Comprises a knife wrap style bag to keep the whole lot organised for transport and storage
Jinbei EF150D

Jinbei 5500K EF-150D LED Video Light battery powered

Please note this product is discontinued without direct replacement and is no longer available.  
55 Degree standard reflecto Bowens S type

Jinbei 55 Degree standard reflector Bowens S type

Jinbei's Standard 55 Degree Reflector provides easy control over the throw of your studio flash. The cut-off between light and shadow is prominent and well defined.

Jinbei 1.9m Medium Light stand with Boom

This product has been discontinued. Replaced with Click here
2.6m Air Cushioned Light stand

Jinbei 2.6m Air Cushioned Light stand

This 2.6m Jinbei light stand is a professional quality, aluminum lighting support ideal for studio applications. The JB2600FP has three sections featuring air cushioning designed for a maximum load of 5kg. This makes the light stand ideal for medium sized flash heads and modifiers. Folding up to approx. 90.5cm this light stand is able to be packed away without taking up a great deal of space when not in use.
2m Compact Light stand

Jinbei 2m Compact Folding Travel Light Stand

Jinbei's 2 meter compact folding light stand is ideal for photographers and videographers who are on the move. The unique design allows the stand's supporting legs to fold back against the main section of the stand when being transported or stored. The stand folds up to a tiny 490mm yet can extend to just over 2 meters in height. The JB2000A compact folding light stand from Jinbei is perfect for supporting compact lighting equipment like small LED panels and speed lights. With fast easy set up, this stand is a great addition to anyone who shoots food for restaurants, corporate headshots, real estate, interviews and heaps more.
2.9m 2 in 1 Convertible Light Stand with Self-Telescoping Boom Arm

Jinbei 2-in-1 2.9m Light Stand with Telescoping 2.2m Boom Arm

The JINBEI 2 in 1, Convertible Light Stand with Self-Telescoping Boom Arm first appears as a light stand. However the first two sections can be pulled out and turned around to form a lighting boom. Booms enable you to mount the lighting and reflectors in all angles and directions, giving you ultimate flexibility and endless options when shaping your light.

Nanlite Forza60BII Light with Parabolic Softbox and 2.6m Stand

  • Forza60BII has a bi-colour range of 2700K to 6500K
  • Jinbei 2.6m light stand
Chromakey Green velvet 5m backdrop stand kit

Chromakey Green Velvet 5m Backdrop Stand Kit

SKU: Green-KIT
Kit Includes:
  • 5 x 3m Green Back Drop
  • Back Drop 3.3 x 3m Stand Kit
  • Clamp 6x Pack

Chromakey 6m Greenscreen with Background support kit

  • Jinbei Heavy Duty Background Support Stand Kit 3 X 3.2m
  • Green Screen 6m long x 3m wide

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